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This transaction is unprecedented — the first time since the founding of Palos Verdes Estates 90 years ago that parkland has been sold to a private individual thus reducing the amount of open space in PVE. As such, it violates the CC&Rs, MOU and Deed which all require maintenance of the property as open space in perpetuity. Further, the property owners had previously, without ownership or permit, constructed their own private “playground” on the public property. Now, by the 2012 transaction and the current rezoning attempt, they are trying to convert that “playground” on public land into a personally owned “playground,” with conceivably the ability to bar public access by that ownership and zoning. There is no good faith, justifiable, legal basis to rezone from OS (Open Space) to R-1 (Single Family Residential) and it would be a breach of the public trust and fiduciary duties if our City Councilmembers approve the rezoning at the hearing on March 12th.
— John Harbison
Part of what makes Palos Verdes precious is the open space/parkland scattered throughout the community. When we bought our home 20 years ago, we were told that parkland could never be sold and that everyone in PVE had to follow the CC&Rs that govern us as a planned community. Rules that govern us all, now no longer seem to apply to us all. This sale of parkland next to 900 Via Panorama is unprecedented and contentious; now that the parkland on my street has been purchased through negotiations behind closed doors, when will the next plot of open space be sold, also behind closed doors and unbeknownst to any of us but the players involved? What’s to prevent other owners from applying the same techniques to the open space next to their homes? Rezoning from OS (Open Space) to R-1 (Single Family Residential) would create even more benefits to owners who have squatted on public land for decades. Should this be approved or condoned? I say, “NO.”
— Renata Harbison
I grew up on PV. In my experience, If you have money and time on your hands you can do anything you want. It does not matter if there is a ruling preventing from you doing it. I wonder whose hand gets greased? The whole city council or only the ones that show up to vote.The green areas were set aside for the good of the majority. The will & the huge assets of the minority still rule. The parks and green areas get built up & we might as well be living in downtown LA. Who is watching out for the masses? Not the city council & whoever else changes policy for their rich buddies! Park/green areas should not be acquired by adjacent property owners for their private use. Those areas should never be re-zoned for single families or anything else. Geez!
— Elizabeth Bostrom
in land use, zoning, or any other aspect of the community should be transparent and done openly, in good faith and should only be made if it is to the benefit of the entire community, not an individual landowner. When I read the article in the PV News, my first response was ‘something is fishy here...’
— John Phillips
This transaction is unprecedented! I am totally against rezoning this parkland from OS to R-1!! Parkland was suppose to be open space forever! That’s why many of us purchase homes in beautiful Palos Verdes. The Council must vote, NO!!
— Mary Butler
Absolutely disgusting. Those guys should all be impeached or resign.
— Joseph Gagnon
Shame on everyone involved in this scandal. It needs to be reversed. This is blatantly corrupt.
— Barbara Cambilargiu
I have lived in Palos Verdes Estates for about 38 years. One of the many things I love are the views and the parkland. I was under the impression that the parkland and open spaces would be preserved forever. It is very special. I was shocked to learn what had happened. I have no doubt that if this is not reversed, that soon fences will extend across this land and no one standing on Via Panorama will be able to enjoy the view. Not only should there be no rezoning, but this needs to be reversed, all the illegal structures removed, and the land returned to the City of PVE.
— Steven Kolodny
Keep fighting the good fight! Pandora’s Box must be closed.
— Robert Ruiz
I am shocked to discover the ‘favoritism’, corruption, greed, cover-ups, lying, back-door dealing, and conspiracy by my own Palos Verdes Homeowner’s Association, City of Palos Verdes, and fellow physician.
I have lost total respect for the Palos Verdes Estates board members, Every one of them.
I now understand why i ‘lost’ my case against my next door neighbor, for a ‘view’ obstruction.
He planted 120 ficus trees, each over 20ft tall, that have grown to over 50 ft, along our property line, of 198 linear feet, creating a giant ‘wall of green’. I filed a ‘view’ complaint back in 2012, and the PVHA turned a blind eye.
When there is no ‘accountability’, they can run WILD!!!!
It makes me sick to think that everyone took advantage of the situation, to the disadvantage of all the PVE residents, in perpetuity.

I’m reminded of a famous quote, by a famous man:
INJUSTICE ANYWHERE, IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................................MLK.
— Gayne Brenneman